Love it or loathe it, social media is an invaluable marketing and communications tool for small business owners, bloggers and brands. Once seen as a secondary tool to direct and offline marketing, platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are now key to achieving maximum reach and impact.

I understand that as small business owners, budgets can be tight, which is why I’m passionate about helping you to use social media platforms in the most cost effective way. Below is a round-up of the social media platforms I support.

In house training is also available across all social media platforms.


Used correctly, Instagram can be a hugely effective social media platform to build brand awareness and drive sales. Spoil Me Social offers:

  • Instagram audit
  • Instagram strategy and delivery
  • Instagram advertising
  • Content creation
  • Analysis and reporting



Twitter can be a useful tool for small business owners to network and spread the word quickly. Spoil Me Social offers:

  • Twitter strategy
  • Content creation and scheduling
  • Twitter advertising
  • Analysis and reporting


Despite being one of the longest serving social media platforms, Facebook is still an effective tool to engage with an audience, particularly when used with intelligent advertising. Spoil Me Social offers:

  • Facebook advertising (including pixel placement)
  • Content creation and scheduling
  • Community management
  • Analysis and reporting